How to make 2020 your year (Part 2: Building your dream year and achieving your goals)

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“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”– Karen Lamb

Part 1: How to make 2020 your year (Part 1: Year End Reflection)

In part one, you learnt how to reflect on your past and why it is essential to do so, how to identify and let go of what no longer serves you and carry the best parts of yourself in 2020. 

If you haven’t gone through part 1, I highly recommend you do so first because otherwise, you’re going to step in 2020 carrying all the baggage you don’t need because you, girl are better than that.

Your brain is simply going to repeat more of what happened in 2019 because it’s a survival brain. Once you’ve taken your time with part 1 (I don’t recommend getting too into the past or spending more than an hour on each category), move on to the steps below and create your dream year!

It’s now time for the fun part: Setting goals, getting into the right mindset, creating an action plan, and learning hacks you can use to achieve your goals and make 2020 your best year yet!

Setting your big, impossible 2020 goal: 

I want you to write down who you want to be at the end of 2020.

Yes, 2020 hasn’t even begun and you’re already thinking about who you’re going to be at the end of 2020 because you’re amazing, future focused, and driven to create your dream year. 

And remember, who you are at the end of 2020 has nothing to do with who you are now. Your current circumstances are absolutely neutral and you can visualize whatever you want and no one can tell you that you’re wrong.

Maybe you want to be a 6 figure online business owner who has quit her job and now works from home and travels the world. Maybe you’re someone who has achieved your weight goal and are  now leading a healthy and exciting lifestyle that you absolutely love. 

You’re going to pick one big goal, one that scares you, one that seems impossible to you, one that is specific, and you’re going to go all in on that in 2020.

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You’ll feel scared and that’s okay. The worst that’s happening is you feeling an emotion, that’s all.

If your goal is to build a 6 figure online business and quit your job, for example, I really want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself as this person.

How does this person spend their day? What is her routine? What thoughts is she thinking? How does she make money? What value does she provide in exchange for that money? How is she different from 2019 you?

This may seem scary and even a little fake to you while you do this and that’s okay. You’re creating a new, amazing, strong identity for yourself which is way different from your personality and identity now and that’s okay.

Once you’ve visualized and written down all of the above, start practicing the thoughts the new future version of you has.

If your goal is to make $100,000 online, the 2020 you who is already making $100,000  probably isn’t thinking about how to make those $100,000 right?

She is feeling abundant, she isn’t worried because she knows that she has made $100,000 once and she can make it again. These are the thoughts I want you to start practicing, positive thoughts about money, feeling abundant with your money, feeling grateful for your money, and so on.

This is something I learnt from my coach and mentor Natalie Bacon and she always says “You become the person first and then get the results, not get the results first and then become the person”, and it has been life-changing to look at my goals this way.

Just remember, the only rules are that your goals have to be specific and measurable. That’s all!

Creating an action plan:

You have your one big goal for 2020.

How are you going to achieve it? I want you to spend a few hours doing your research and write down all the possible things you would have to do to achieve this goal.

It doesn’t have to be in order, I simply want you to write down every single step you would have to take and when you’re done, I want you to look at your list and think again and truly write down everything.

Once that’s done, let’s break down your goal into smaller measurable goals so you can track your progress and achieve your goals.

If your goal, for eg, is to start a blog and earn an extra $5000 per month, you’re going to break it down for each of the 12 months:


January: Research how to start a blog, select a niche, purchase my hosting and domain name, select a theme, get my website ready, come up with a monetization strategy.

February: Research keywords, Write my first 10 blog posts, buy a course that teaches how to drive organic traffic and monetize my blog, start driving traffic…and so on.

I want you to break down your goal this way so that at the end of each month, you know how far you’ve come, what worked, what did not work and has to be changed, and what has to be done next.

There is a chance that a few months in, your smaller goals for each month will change and that’s okay. This is simply for you to have at least a very good idea of what has to be done next.

Also, if this gets overwhelming and you’re thinking “Oh but I just don’t know how to do any of this or how to even start a website”, it’s okay.

Not knowing how is never a good reason not to go after your goals. You can always learn the how as long as you’re committed to your end result.


If-then plan:

This one will be a life-saver. I want you to think of all the possible obstacles you may face, and write down what you’ll do to overcome them.

So “If I’m unable to monetize my blog despite trying everything , then I will purchase an online course that will teach me how”.

Or “If my blog isn’t getting the right amount of traffic due to the content, then I will reconsider my current niche and try a new one”.

If I feel stuck and overwhelmed and want to quit, then I will remind myself of how amazing it would feel to have a consistent extra $5000 a month, take a deep breath, and go all in again”.

Taking massive action:

You’re ready! You’ve come a very long way and you’re ready to go all in and achieve your goal.

Now is the time to commit to your goal and take massive action i.e. keeping taking action till you reach your goal.

If you come across hurdles or your strategy fails, simply come up with a new strategy and keep doing so until you find one that works for you.

Remember that even when it seems impossible and difficult, the worst that can happen is you experiencing an emotion: discomfort, scared, overwhelmed, tired.

Just an emotion in your body, that’s all. It has no power over you.

Simply step away for a while, relax, remind yourself of why you’re doing this and get back into it.

Take massive action, be a badass, and feel amazing as it all starts to come together whether that’s money, relationships, your career, your business or whatever it is you’re working towards.


1. Set your one big goal for 2020.

2. Create an action plan and break it into smaller, measurable goals.

3. Create a “If-then” list.

4. Take massive action and go all in.

5. Have fun doing this!

Feel aaaaamaaaaazing!!

Be proud of yourself for building and living your best year yet.

New year — a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours. – Alex Morritt

Remember, that no matter how impossible it seems, it isn’t! I never thought I would have a monetized blog and this amazing community and yet here we are!

Believe in yourself, stay committed, and have an amazing 2020.

As always, feel free to reach out to me at for any questions and I’m happy to reply to all of them personally.

I’m your biggest supporter and I want you to have the most amazing results for yourself. You’re 100% worth it.

Until next time! ^_^

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