Why money mindset matters and how you can start changing yours today!

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Money. I love money. I love making money. I love talking about money. (I heard some of you gasp through the screen).

Every time I say that I love my money, people look at me a little weird and I get why. Growing up, most of us are taught that wanting to make more money or loving money makes you greedy or that money is the root of all evil or that you have to compromise on your values to make money. 

I first heard it from master coach Brooke Castillo who suggested that if you’re an evil person, you’re going to do evil things with money and if you’re an amazing and wonderful person, you’re going to do amazing and wonderful things with money.

I didn’t always think this way though. Growing up, I believed what I was taught and what I heard:

1. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

2. Making money is difficult.

3. Wanting to make more money is a sign of greed.

4. Rich people have compromised their values to get where they are.

5. The more time you put in, the more money you make.

And so much more!

It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I realized how these thoughts were not serving me. It wasn’t until I finally sat down and thought about why making money was so difficult for me did I realise that it’s because of my thoughts and beliefs about money.

Your relationship with money is nothing but your thoughts about money. And in my relationship, I always believed that money was hard, difficult, exhausting and what not.

2 years ago, I dove deep into personal finance. I read any and every personal finance book that was recommended and started listening to podcasts about money.

Every single book I read and every single podcast I heard had the same idea of working on your money mindset before you can start making the money you want.

All these resources seemed to have the same underlying idea and implementing those ideas is how I landed my first job and started making money as well as how I started and monetized my side hustle a.ka. this blog.

Most people want to usually skip this part and move straight to the part about making more money and I totally understand why. But the reason I always encourage them to evaluate their current relationship with money is because money flows to you so much easier when you clean up the limiting beliefs you have about money.

How often do we hear people winning a lottery or gaining an inheritance that can solve all their money problems yet losing all of it?

This is because they weren’t ready for the money. They had more money, probably enough to solve all their financial worries, but they still had the same thoughts and beliefs about money which caused them to lose most of it.

The key to gaining financial freedom is to start by working on your money mindset.

This post was written with you in mind, to help you take the first step in changing your money mindset, paving the way for your financial success (Don’t worry it’s not just chanting affirmations day in and out).

If you want to go all in and make a massive difference in your money mindset, I highly recommend you read You are a badass at making money by Jen Sincero. That book changed my life by shifting my money mindset and has given me all the results I have with money today. It uses simple language, has great exercises at the end of each chapter, and really allows you to learn and feel abundant with money.

Let me explain this with an example. If you constantly keep thinking that ‘Money is difficult. Making money requires a skill I don’t have. Making money is just too difficult for me. Wanting money is a bad thing’, your brain is going to find ways to prove you right.

That is just how the human brain works! On the contrary if you think that “Money if fun. Money is easy. I love my money and the financial independence it gives me’, your brain is also going to find ways to prove that right as well! Yup, the human brain is extremely supportive that way.

Once you start shifting your mindset and getting into the flow with money, your energy will shift and many other parts of your life will start shifting too. – Jen Sincero

The good thing is that in the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you exactly what I did and what you have to do to change your mindset and to start making more money. 


Write down what your current relationship with money is.

100% honest.

It is important for you to know and admit where you currently stand in order to get where you want.

I want you to notice your current thoughts about money. Your relationship with money is nothing but your thoughts about it.

Are you always thinking that money is tight? Do you believe that in order to earn more money, you have to spend more time? Do you feel guilty about wanting to make more money? Are you repeating more of what you’ve done with money in the past and carrying it into your future? What story have you been telling yourself about why you can’t make more money?

These questions will help you see clearly what your current beliefs are and if they’re even serving you.

Another exercise is for you to take a look at your bank statement right now and notice how you feel. What is your strongest emotion? Is it grateful, abundant, and excited? Or is it a feeling of lack, disappointment, and scarcity?

Be curious about your thoughts and feelings. If you’re someone who thinks that making more money requires spending more time, I want you to be curious about it. We all have the same 24 hours. If money was dependent on time, why do some people make more than others? Think Warren Buffet, Oprah, Bill Gates. They make money based on the value they provide, not the time they put in. If you want to make more money, maybe instead of time you can focus on providing more value to your clients.


Everything you’ve answered above are simply YOUR thoughts and feelings about money.

Read that again because this is everything! Your thoughts are not facts.

Recommended: This 20 minute morning self-coaching exercise will transform your life.

It is so important for you to understand this. Just because you think that you aren’t worthy of money does not make it true. Every single person in your life could agree with you and could have so many stories to back it up, but the truth remains that it’s only a thought and nothing more.

Of course you’re worthy of having money. Of course you can make more money.

Someone else in your exact financial situation, exact amount of debt, exact amount of money can have very different end results based on their relationship with money which again, are their thoughts.

If you and Bill Gates woke up tomorrow and found a total of $100,000 each in your bank accounts, you’d have very different reactions. You may be thrilled and excited and feel amazing while he would probably be worried and confused about having only $100,000.

This is how powerful your thoughts are!

Once we become aware and decide to consciously respond instead, we can change our habits, which will change our realities – Jen Sincero.


Now that you know where you stand and that you have the power to change your reality, think and speak intentionally and consciously.

Don’t joke about being broke, don’t feel guilty about wanting to make money, don’t confuse time and money, and whatever you do, do not for a moment think that because you have made unfavorable financial decisions in the past, you can’t change your present.

This is so important because if you aren’t thinking and taking conscious actions, your brain will think for you on default and repeat more of your past actions, thereby producing the same results.

This may be difficult in the beginning but practice thinking and speaking consciously about money. What you think over and over again turns into a strong belief.

Now if you’ve always struggled with money, chanting ‘I can make a million dollars’ may not seem very real. Instead, start by making small shifts and practcing thoughts like:

1. I’m worthy of having money.

2. Making money can be fun and exciting.

3. I can choose and change my thoughts about money.

4. I enjoy having money because it allows me to experience amazing things.


Here is the part no one wants to listen to but it is so important you guys. You will have days where you feel like giving up because nothing is working.

This will happen, there is no stopping it, at least in the beginning.

So instead of draining yourself and falling back into the ‘I can’t make money’ rut, allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling but give it no meaning. Instead of quitting, say ,”I tried and failed and that’s okay”. “I had a bay day and that’s okay because tomorrow will be a fresh new start.”

A person who has thousands and millions of dollars isn’t going to worry about one bad money day. This rewires your brain to think from a place of abundance instead of lack.


Don’t be afraid to include numbers about how much money you want to make, your savings, your debt, and how much money you give away and get specific! Numbers give you an actual direction to move towards.

The number you write should excite you a little and scare you a lot.

Based on your numbers, create a financial plan for yourself whether that means creating a new budget or coming up with a system to pay off your debt or starting a new side hustle to make extra money!

That’s all for today, buddy!

I would love to hear your money story and any mindset tips you may have so please do share them in the comments below.

I love hearing from you so please feel free to reach out to me at info@girlmeetstheworld.com with any questions, stories, or messages or to just say hi! and I’ll always personally respond to you.

I’m your biggest supporter and I want you to have the most amazing results for yourself. You’re 100% worth it 🙂

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